Below are some game design/programming projects I have worked on over the past few years.

Fusion Tales

This game prototype that I developed during 2013 with Actionscript 3 and the FlashPunk Libraries, it takes the player flying through space and requires that they trade resources between planets that orbit the sun or 'Sol'.
Certain planets will buy and sell resources at variable prices; its up to you to cut a profit, keep your ship in good shape, and your crew alive.

This game is in pre-alpha and is currently not being developed further.

Controls: WASD to move.

Hold “E” to dock and “R” to undock from planets.

"SPACEBAR" fires primary weapons (shots fire toward mouse).

"O" and "P" change what planet the compass points to.

There are some incomplete systems within this game that have not been implemented (Torpedoes/Velocity Meter).

In this build you are immediately ambushed. I developed this because was testing combat balancing.

PRO TIP: You can kill ships using your thruster by cooking the crew alive inside the ships!

FUN FACT: In Fusion Tales, all of the planets revolve around the sun at the relative speed they do in real life, although they are sped up exponentially. The planets are also the correct relative distance from the sun.


One of my first unity games, Pretty straitforward, MUSIC BY WEEN!!!.

Controls: Regular SHMUP style controll

WASD to Move


Horror Shooter Engine

This is a survival horror Unity game I created over a few nights and an experiment in making a horror FPS engine that uses modular tile based construction assets.

Controls: Standard FPS fare

WASD to Move

Mouse to Look

Left Click to shoot

Right Click to Grenade