About Ryan

I’m a 3D Animator based out of Vancouver, BC. My career in animation includes feature films, advertisements, and teaching.

I have one year of feature film experience as an animator at Western Post VFX along with freelance and contract animation experience. Prior to that I was fortunate enough to design my own curriculum at The Quickdraw Animation Society where I taught their first Basics of Maya course.

After contributing to two films at Western Post, I decided to enhance my full body character animation skills in the Character Animation diploma at Animation Mentor. I had previously attended Vancouver Film School (VFS) in 2012-2013, completing the Classical Animation and Digital Character Animation Diplomas.

The reason I love to animate is because I love the process; I enjoy getting lost in the work, problem solving and refining my abilities. I love being in an environment surrounded by creativity and innovation and think that i could bring that to the studio I am an eternal Tinkerer; I find joy in creating, problem solving, and am curious about how things work and how to improve them. From animation, To making electronics, To coding, I am always trying to learn and discover something new.